View an example of my printed board game catalog.

Example of my board game catalog

Why did I start this project?

I got inspired by a Reddit user to create a printed catalog of my board game collection. I love to play video games, but one of the joys of playing board games for me has been interacting with tactile components like cards, dice and cubes. I also believe that to be true for keeping track of my collection. Having my collection fully digitalised is great, but browsing through a paper catalog just gives that extra thrill. It gets others enthused as well, which helps to get games to the table!

This catalog contains the board games I own, organized by game type. Each game has a description, product information and rating and difficulty scores. I even added a QR code that points directly to the game’s page at BoardGameGeek :-)

Below you can find pictures of my catalog which I previously shared on Reddit.

Front page of my printed board game catalog

Game page of my printed board game catalog

Game page of my printed board game catalog

Close up of a game page of my printed board game catalog

What paper to use for your print outs?

I used highly durable Xerox NeverTear (125µm) which is tear and water resistant. No need to laminate the pages! It has some light shine over it, but it's matte rather than glossy. As for the costs: my first print cost me €10 ($12) for 17 color printed pages (double sided).

How to bind the pages?

I wanted flexibility so I chose a Veloflex Springback Binder (black version). All pages are inserted into the binder as loose sheets. This makes it easy to add new pages as my collection grows.