Pull your collection from BoardGameGeek and create your catalog automatically.

Create your board game catalog automatically

Step 1: Load your collection

The finished pop-up window

Fill in your BGG user name below and click the button "Load collection". This will load all your board games from BGG with status "Owned". The first time you load your board games from BGG it will take quite some time. Take into account approx 1 second waiting time per 10 games. If you have a large collection, loading might require multiple iterations as a result of delays in BGG API calls, processing of images and QR code generation. After clicking the button a pop-up window will appear. Once the "Done!" message appears in the pop-up, your board games are successfully loaded and you can proceed with the next step. Don't close the pop-up until you see this message (see screenshot)! Be aware that you can only load your collection once every 5 minutes.

Step 2: Display your collection

Fill in your BGG user name below and click the button "Display collection". Your board game collection will be displayed in a pop-up window. The page is meant to be printed to PDF or hard copy. You might need to adjust your printer settings to make sure the output fits the page. If you don't get the expected result, please try my setup: Apple MacOS (Ventura 13.0) with Google Chrome (v108). After clicking the button a pop-up window will appear. This allows you to print the catalog to PDF. You can generate your catalog as often as you like.

Example of the print instructions
  • After the pop-up window opens, click "File" and then "Print".
  • Change settings to accomodate for your situation and locale.
  • Expand "More settings" and set "Paper size" to "A4" or "Letter".
  • Set "Margins" to "None".
  • Change "Scale" to "90" (this value might be different for you).
  • Make sure you check "Background graphics".
Example of a catalog
  • This is a screenshot from an automatically created catalog.
  • The page is quite similar to pages of my manual template.
  • However, some information is not available through the BGG API and is therefore missing, like the short description and game type.
  • If you just want to try it out, you can use my user name: Masor1983.

Order cover images by

Order catelog by

Game image display

Games per page

Title font size

Accent color

Include expansions

Display QR code

You can also share your collection with others by using this personalized link: (fill in your BGG user name in the field above first) (use the copy-button to include display parameters in the link)

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