Stay informed of new and planned features.

Roadmap and release overview


These new features are currently on top of my list:

  • Create printable wishlist
  • Support upload of custom, high quality board game images
  • Have the option to sort games on user rating instead of BGG rating
  • List expansions on the base game's page
  • Support editing of game data (short description, long description)
  • Show and sort on community recommended player count
  • Choose to have 4 games on a page (instead of 1 or 2)
If you have any questions, suggestions or new feature requests, find me on BoardGameGeek or email me at I'd love to hear from you :-)

Release overview

New game image display option

1 March 2022 | v1.5

We start March with implementation of the most requested feature:

  • Choose to blur the background image and display the box image on top
Now you can choose between 'zoomed box image' vs. 'full box image with blurred background'. This should solve the issue where the zoomed box image sometimes displayed an odd part of the game's box.

As always, keep sharing your feedback to help me further improve this site!

1 game per page (with room for notes), optional QR code and other improvements

4 February 2022 | v1.4

Another update with some frequently requested features:

  • Choose to show 1 game per page with room for notes (e.g. to log plays)
  • Have the option to add a QR code to every game that takes you straight to the game's page on BGG
  • Sort on BGG rank
  • Exclude "(Uncredited)" from the Designer and Artist stats and "(Public Domain)" from the Publisher stats and list a top 5 instead of just 1
  • Fixed a bug where a space in a user name would lead to errors (it's no longer needed to replace spaces in your user name with %20).
  • Implemented a fix for BGG API 302 redirects.
  • Fixed play time which didn’t always fit nicely on the page.
As always, keep sharing your feedback to help me further improve this site!

Another big update

11 January 2022 | v1.3

Another update with some frequently requested features:

  • Expansions can now be excluded from your catalog
  • You can choose a custom font size for the game titles to prevent long titles being cut off
  • I rewrote the “Load collection” script, so your collection should now load up to 10 times faster with less errors (like empty fields). If you encounter any issues, please let me know.
  • With all your support, I was able to upgrade my hosting plan (more CPU cores, RAM and storage) so I should now be able to handle more data and traffic! :-)
As always, keep your feedback coming and help me further improve this site!

A new feature to start off the new year

4 January 2022 | v1.2

Fresh start of 2022 with a new feature:

  • It is now possible to share a direct link to your collection with others
As always, keep your feedback coming and help me further improve this site!

Long awaited updates

30 December 2021 | v1.1

Lots of other things needed my attention throughout the summer, but with the days becoming shorter, I found time to tick some things off from the backlog. Some major changes/additions are:

  • A personalized front page showing a selection of your games
  • A personalized index page providing an overview of all the games in your collection
  • Basic statistics of your collection, including Rating and Difficulty distributions
  • A color picker to choose a personal accent color
As always, should you have any feedback, please reach out to me! I'm happy to hear how I can further improve this site.

Public release

20 February 2021 | v1.0

I just released version 1.0 with some frequently requested updates:

  • US Letter is now supported as well!
  • You can now sort your games based on Name, Year published, Rating, Difficulty, Theme, Playtime, Minimum players, Maximum players and BGG ID. Both ascending and descending.
  • Game rating and difficulty have been added to the game pages.

Beta version live

16 February 2021 | v0.9

Hi! I just released the first (beta) version of the automated catalog, powered by BoardGameGeek. It's not yet as polished as I would like it to be, but it's good enough for testing :-)

I received some valuable feedback through my surveys. A first outcome is a big desire for both International A4 and US Letter support. A second outcome is that the most valued information to be included for each board game is: Description, Theme, Mechanic, Image, Min-max players, Playtime, Rating and Difficulty.

Check back regularly for new updates!